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Walk In Bathtubs

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Walk-in bathtubs are great for those with limited mobility. Standard bathtubs can often be difficult to climb into, and can be slippery. For those that are not able to get in and out of their bathtub can take away their independence. Don’t stress over the dangers of getting into a bathtub ever again. The experts at ReNew can install a walk-in tub for you. We offer simple, affordable bathroom renovations that are the perfect solution for any household in need of a walk-in bathtub remodel.

Walk-In Tub Installation

At ReNew Home Center we carry a variety of walk-in bathtubs from several top manufacturers that can suit the style of your bathroom and easily fit in the same space as your existing bathtub or shower. The bathtubs we provide are designed to be long-lasting and withstand daily wear and tear. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they are also low-maintenance. The acrylic non-porous material prevents the buildup of dirt and grime and even protects against mold and mildew. You can always be sure you are bathing in a clean, healthy environment.

Walk-In Tub Options

Water Jets that provide massaging circulation of the water against your skin.

Air Jets that provide bubbling massage, and combined with aroma therapy where you place fragrance modules in a chamber, you get to relax to your favorite scents such as lavender or vanilla….

Maintenance Heater for keeping the water warm for extended periods of time.

Heated Seat to keep you warm while the tub is filling or draining.

Chromatherapy  where a underwater light is provided that changes colors and helps set the mood.

Quick Drains, Dual Drains or Power Drains are options to remove the tub water quickly because the door remains closed until the water is drained.

Grab Bars are included in the designs for safety and to aid in using your new walk-in bathtub.

Handheld shower heads are included for several reasons, to help wash hair and hard to reach spots, also to rinse yourself off after the water is drained out. They are also commonly used to clean or rinse the tub after use.

In-Swing and Out-Swing doors are available. Although most designs incorporate an in-swing door which requires the user to step in and around the door and then close the door. There are situations where the out-swing doors makes sense. The out-swing door is for users who cant step in and around the door, such as transferring from a wheel chair, or when door opening size needs to be larger.

Bath Wall Surrounds are available in acrylics that are easy to maintain, clean and extremely durable. These wall surrounds are available in many colors and simulated tile designs.

Corner Caddies, 2-Shelf and 4-Shelf

Corner Caddies are available to help with placements of soap bars and various bottles of bathing products.

Hand Spray Heads With Thermometer